The Largest Motorsport Event
in US History

Every 49 minutes someone falls victim to Spinal Cord Injury

Rally for a Cure – The Largest Motorsport Event in US History

Key Points:

  • A 3,000-mile cross-country Road Rally over 12 days.
  • There are 32 Teams proposed consisting of 384 contestant vehicles (12 per Team) departing from 8 major market cities on both coasts, the upper Midwest and South.
  • There will be a total of 448 vehicles and 480 team participants. The Rally would crisscross the Continental US covering 160,000 Team miles.
  • The Rally will pass through approximately 1,280 cities/towns and would be covered by broadcast/network TV/affiliate, local radio, newspaper and nationally distributed magazines. Rally coverage is anticipated to be aired by TEN (The Enthusiasts Network), a Discovery Communications Company. The TEN joint venture and Velocity have a combined reach of more than 150 million automotive superfans and car buyers. Discovery’s and TEN’s combined properties generate nearly 1 billion monthly social-video views.
  • It is proposed that there would be a total of $3,200,000 in prize Money with all finishers receiving prize money.
  • The Rally will have a website with a large public participation component.
  • The Winning Team would guest on the talk show circuit. A documentary would be produced for later release. A televised banquet will be held for winners and sponsors; the banquet “roast” will be part of the documentary.
  • Internet players from all parts of the country can participate in the Road Rally by choosing Teams. A $25 donation is required to register as a player. Winning participants will be invited to the awards ceremony. Prizes and logo wear can be won by players as their team wins certain milestones during the course of the Rally.
  • Internet players will be able to follow every teams progress on a computer map including all Teams current point standings. A picture of each team member will be displayed along with their stats and personal trials on the website. Players can email their team via the web.
  • An SCCA Points System will be used to determine the winning Teams.

Rally / Teams

12 Vehicles Per Team – Contestants

4 autos
6 motorcycles
2 Tractor/Trailer Rigs (Sponsor signage, Team equip., broken car hauler, merchandise)

Event Staff Members (per Team)

2 Support Vehicles (Vans)
1 Advance Vehicle For:
Media Coordination
Overnight Accommodations (advance)
Check Point Set-Up
1 Chase Vehicle
Driver Referee/Communications
Camera Operator

Total 480 Team Participants

Sponsor Vehicle Signage (Road Team)

Each Team represents 1,800 square feet of signage available for ad displays

Tractor/Trailers have 700 sq. ft. (each)

5 spaces each side panel
320 sq ft each side panel

Autos: (each)

2 Door Panels (L&R)

Vans: (each)

2 side panels
1 rear panel
1 pump topper (reserved for vehicle sponsor)

Total signage available from all Teams: 57,6000 square feet

Team Uniforms

Sponsor Tee’s, Jackets, Caps with multiple sponsor logos similar to NASCAR. Merchandise will be for sale at each Rally City and online on the Rally website.

Some Sponsors such as oil companies are encouraged to purchase sponsored merchandise for promotional use in their own outlets.

(Teams are required to wear sponsor logo wear during off road interviews, meals etc.)


Internet Registered Players

$25 Internet Registered Players Will Receive:

Team Member “Pit Crew” Tee’s
Team Caps

$25 Money players can log on to the Gateway To A Cure Road Rally internet site and register to back the 4 winning Teams. Winners receive a signed/autographed (by each team member) Team photograph/certificate with the contestants’ name on the certificate declaring his/her teams 1st,2nd, 3rd or 4th place finish. Winners will be invited to the Grand Finale Banquet.

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place

Email Registrants/Drawing (mass participation by non-paying gamers)

Rally Teams receive extra points per internet registrant – team backers referred to as the “Pit Crew”. Rally Teams are encouraged to institute their own viral campaign to get extra points.

Non-paying email registrants are entered into a drawing to win:
To Be determined – subject to sponsors

Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Chrysler PT Cruiser
Dodge Pickup Truck

Just for registering/voting and sending an email to teams. All non-paying registrants can log onto the official site and follow Team(s) progress, happenings, standings and streaming interviews.

All $25 Players and email registrants will receive an official Road Rally window decal. (future mailing list)

Events Stats

8 Departure Cities (major markets) 4 Teams per City
32 Teams (12 vehicles per Team)
384 Team Vehicles
32 Advance Vehicles
32 Chase Vans
32 Cameras
576 Event Participants

1.9 million total miles driven by contestants
20.736 Meals
6,912 Room nights
160,000 Gallons gas

$3,200,000 Total Prize Money


1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place

All finishers

Rally Prize Money

Per Team




Per Member



Rally Media Rate Schedule

Official Event Sponsors @ $350,000 ea.

Team Sponsors @ $180,000 ea.
Quarter Panels @ $55,000 ea.   

400 Entry Fees @ $500 ea.

Total Event Revenue*     

Rally Prize Money 

Estimated Event Expenses 

Est Net To Charity (est)    








Gateway to a Cure is a registered 501(c)3 Charity

*Does not include other revenues such as the internet, merchandise, donations, etc.

Potential Official Event Sponsors

Visa/Master Card
Motel 6/Red Roof Inns

Potential Team Sponsors

Ford/Quality Care
Union 76
PennzoilAuto Zone
Home Depot
Snap On
Bass Pro
Jolly Roger
Earth Link

MGM Grand/Las Vegas
Auto Trader
Hewlett Packard
US Navy
US Army/Be All You Can Be

Grand Marshals

Jay Leno

Patrick Rummerfield
(Charity Rep)

Sponsors Receive (event and team)

Team Caravan – Semi-Truck/Van/Auto Signage (57,600 sq. ft.)

Television – 7 hours (840 spots approx.)

Cable (OLN / Velocity) – documentary (not counted as media time)
Talk Shows – Leno / Late Night/ Today Show
Radio Clear Channel – owns 1,2000 radio/TV stations
1,400 spots as local news


USA Today – feature story start & finish
60 Major and 2nd tier Market Papers
Local Papers – feature story


Auto Mags
Motorcycle Mags
Rally Mags
Motor Clubs
Sports Illustrated
Advertising Age

Official Rally Website & Rally Game

Event Sponsor(s) will receive a Headline Banner on the Website & Gamesite, Team Sponsor(s) will receive Headline Banners on Team Pages

Team Logo Apparel (Event & Internet Sales) sponsor logos on all apparel

Pre-Campaign Promotional Package

Gateway To A Cure
“Thunder Run” Road Rally

Radio Spot
(pre-packaged 1-minute spot with 2 sponsor slots promoting Rally and sign-ups)

Aerial Tows (over Rally cities and NASCAR races)

Event/Trade Show Semi-Truck with “The Pit Crew” – 6 models
(used for promotion, rally events, and media)

A “Pit Crew” calendar will be produced with sponsor logos, for sale online, events and other venues

The “Road to Hope” campaign is a High Impact media event. An advance media team will develop television, radio, magazine and newspaper releases as news/human interest/special event coverage. The media team will also develop feature articles for publication that include sponsor recognition.

Based on equivalent cost per thousand, we are offering a media exposure package that is well below market value.

Media Assumptions:

(Media coverage as local/network news/human interest/special event)

401 Media Days (32 Teams x 12 days + 8 start cities + 8 finish + 1 National Winner)

57,600 square feet of signage (over 160,000 Team miles)

1,280 Cities (25 major markets-min) with pre arranged media coverage/local)

7 hours of TV/Radio coverage (affiliate/network) [equivalent to 840 spots]

2 National broadcasts/prime time evening news (race start/race end) (plus national broadcast Team appearances on Talk show tour for Winning team)

Newspapers (route cities & national), USA Today feature

Magazine Feature Article (photos, interviews)

Magazine Mention

Discovery Channel/TEN 1.6 Billion viewers

9 million [road] eyeballs 16% of households

25 million views/listeners TV/Radio (news spots)

15 million exposure – aerial banner tows over city and event attendance at 20 NASCAR races

The sponsor can promote through their own media departments (each team will pass through every sponsors HQ city).

High Recognition/Recall – Sponsors and Gateway To a Cure

Rally Finish And Celebration

The Rally ends in St. Louis, Missouri. All finishers will converge at Bush Stadium for final check-in. The celebration will be held and televised at the stadium. All finishing team cars/bikes will be parked on the perimeter track of the stadium A stage with all 9 rally “Directors” on the dais will be the format for the awards ceremony, which will feature Jay Leno as the guest speaker.

The evening program will feature a roast format with Jay Leno as he “roasts” various teams/ members and winning Teams. Winners will be recognized; trophies prizes and checks will be distributed. The banquet will be catered with team and visitor tables set up in the field. Music, entertainment and fireworks will be part of the celebration. Local radio stations will run a call-in campaign for free tickets to the event.